TES Maths GCSE Revision Collection

Top revision picks to prepare your GCSE learners for their upcoming exams

It seems to me that the GCSE exams come round quicker every year. It feels like only five minutes since last year’s Year 11s walked out of their final exams and now the current cohort are gearing up for that final push.

Revision can be a painful time for all involved. The main problem is having to go over topics and concepts that students either did not like or did not get the first time round. There is a need to try something different, while maintaining focus and hard work at all times.

Once again, the TES Maths community is here to help.

Here is a collection of some of the very best GCSE maths revision resources I have used over the last few years, combined with some brand new materials. There’s a real mix of activities for different settings and skills, but together they should provide enough material to keep your students engaged and on track until the minute they walk into that exam hall.

Happy revising!

Craig Barton, TES Maths adviser

  1. Top 20 GCSE skills
    Enable students to identify specific points of focus for their revision with this comprehensive resource, which breaks down 20 of the most frequently-occurring topics into easy, medium and hard questions.
  2. Quick-fire GCSE revision
    Learners can use this collection of quick-mark questions to practise key skills and exam technique, especially as these are the types of questions on which they can lose easy marks.
  3. Going for gold problem-solving
    Help your students to become more confident at approaching multi-mark, unstructured questions by working through this series of ten lessons, which focus on consolidation and application.
  4. GCSE maths revision worksheets
    This detailed set of higher and foundation worksheets, complete with answers, is ideal for assessments, homework, or in-class challenges.
  5. Grade C revision cards for number, algebra, shape and data
    In this simple but effective card-based activity, the teacher models the perfect answer to questions on a number of topics in class, leaving pupils to recreate the answer for homework.
  6. Grade C revision starters
    Aimed at foundation level, these well-presented starter activities contain 20 slides covering everything from Pythagoras to angle facts and come complete with fully-worked solutions.
  7. Mega maths presentation
    With just under 100 sets of questions from a range of GCSE topics including fractions, trigonometry and area, this popular resource is ideal for last-minute revision requests from your pupils.
  8. Revision races
    Challenge students to answer as many questions as possible in this differentiated race game, which is bound to get your class buzzing with enthusiasm.
  9. Revision carousel
    Encourage pupils to work together when revising key topics with these higher-level carousel activities, containing answers and hints.
  10. Mr Collins’ GCSE table sheets
    Engage your learners by pairing them up and getting them to work through a selection of these colourful, information-packed sheets, each containing ten GCSE questions apiece.
  11. GCSE question prompts
    For a deeper learning experience, get students to devise questions and mark schemes based on given prompts. Then why not let other students give them a try?
  12. GCSE homework booklet
    Covering a wide range of topic areas, this well-structured, ten-week homework programme allows pupils to focus on practising key skills.
  13. Language of GCSE maths exams
    Don’t allow maths jargon to get in the way of your pupils understanding exactly what a question is asking them to do. Alleviate the problem with this concise vocabulary list.
  14. GCSE maths revision cards
    Whether used in the classroom or at home, this thorough and fully-editable set of 250 revision cards can be used to consolidate learning individually or in groups.
  15. Maths facts classroom display
    Reinforce key facts and formulae with these revision posters, which could also be reduced in size and turned into handy revision cards for students.

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