Online CPD: The four ingredients of retrieval

Over the last 10 years I have been lucky enough to deliver workshops to teachers all over the world. These workshops are based on the ideas and research included in my two books, How I wish I’d taught maths and Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain, and benefit from the experiences I have had and lessons I have learned working with teachers and students in several countries over the last two years.

I have decided to take five of my most popular one day workshops and turn them into online versions.

I have already released Making the most of worked examples and Formative assessment and Diagnostic Questions

Now my third course is live: The four ingredients of retrieval. In this course I seek to answer the question: how do we help our students remember what they once knew?

This course consists of 80+ videos and 80+ links and resources. It is a bit of an epic!

The video below tells you what is invovled:

I have also released two free courses – Topics in Depths 1: Angles in Parallel lines and Topics in Depth 2: Indices with Jo Morgan. To find out more about the courses, please visit here:

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