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With Monday’s GCSE non-calculator paper behind us, all attention now turns to Friday’s offering. Like many teachers around the country, we are seeing our Year 11 students every day in the build up to Friday, and it can be difficult to know how to make the best use of that time. I never thought I would say this, but perhaps it is possible top have too much maths 🙂

Anyway, to make the most out of the time we have left, and to make revision as focused and effective as possible, I have been making use of the many outstanding resources out there that have been produced this week in preparation for the Calculator paper. Teachers really are the most generous, hard working people!

Now, I have dabbled with so-called “predicted papers” in the past, and with mixed success. But there is little doubt that you can use the topics that appeared on Monday to your advantage when preparing the students for Friday. But all the resources below should be used with caution.

Oh, and I should say that we do Edexcel, so the predicted paper might not be that much use, but hopefully the other resources will be


Topic Lists

Edexcel Higher Topic List from Just Maths

A lovely collection here for Edescel Foundation and Higher complied by Adam Creen

AQA Higher and Foundation list here

OCR Higher and OCR Foundation lists courtesy of DrMThornber

And how about this from @MakeMathsMatter

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Predicted papers (Edexcel) – from the wonderful Just Maths

Higher Paper

Higher Paper solutions from @MrsMartinMaths

Foundation Paper


Other Resources

Can you use your calculator? from Colman Web

Calculator booklets from @MHS_Maths

A and A* Questions

A and A* Answers

D to B Questions

D to B Answers

Calculator Skills Revision lesson (Higher and Foundation) from @c0mplexnumber


2 thoughts on “GCSE Calculator Paper Resources

  1. Please correct the higher paper solutions:
    15c, the last point is not plotted
    19b&c, it says at the top of the page that answers should be to 2 d.p
    21, it is how much the washing machine price is reduced by(£234) not what the original price is.
    24b, the answer cannot be -10 as sides of a shape cannot be negative
    25, it’s only male year 10s (8) not all of year 10.
    Hope this is helpful x

  2. Thank you. Unfortunately the solutions are not mine, but hopefully this will help others!

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