Diagnostic Question Bundles 2: Box Plots and A Level

Okay, so I am a little bit behind on posting my brand new set of Diagnostic Questions bundle this week. However, I hope you will forgive me as it has been GCSE week. What is perhaps less forgivable, is that none of this week’s questions are mine!

First up, we have a lovely set of Box Plot questions that were uploaded to TES by newyearbaby90. I contacted the user and asked for permission to post the questions on DQs, and thankfully they said yes!

What I particularly like about this set is that they put box plots into an interesting, meaningful context that will promote discussion and hopefully help students understand a bit better what can be a rather tricky and abstract concept.

Secondly, we have a great set of questions for A Level Maths (mainly for the Core 3 module) that were also uploaded to TES, this time by the amazing Tristan Jones. I say “amazing” (and I don’t use that word lightly!), because I have been using Tristan’s resources over the last few years, and they are always of the highest quality.

Tristan’s set of questions really highlight the point that diagnostic or hinge questions can be used with all ages and abilities. There is no better way (in my humble, and very biased opinion!) of assessing students’ knowledge quickly and revealing any fundamental misconceptions.

A selection of the questions can be found below.

Thanks so much to Tristan and newyearbaby90 🙂

If you like these, please think about creating and sharing some questions yourself 🙂

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