Adding new classes and students to Diagnostic Questions

It is that time of year again! Students have moved classes and new students have joined your school. Here is your simple guide to making all the necessary changes to your Diagnostic Questions set-up. And with badges, and loads of new exciting features on the way, you will not want to miss out 🙂

1. Login and go to Classes


2. At the bottom of the screen, click on “Archive All Classes”. This will hide all of the previous year’s classes. Please note, only users with Admin privileges for your school have the ability to achieve all classes at once in this way.


3. At the top of the screen, create the class names for this coming year’s classes and each time click on Create New Class


4. Then, by the class name, click on Invite Students


5. This will generate a code like this, which you can give to your students


6. Now, all your students need to do is login to the website using their existing login details, click on Classes, enter the code, and click Join Class:


7. That is it! You can keep a track of all the students who have signed up on the Class page. And when you are ready, start assigning them some quizzes to complete!

Can I print out a set of labels containing all my students’ logins?
Of course! On the Class page, you will find a lovely blue button, which will download a pdf of student login details


What if students are new to the school?
No problem. They just register on the website themselves (you can direct them to choose particular usernames and password if you like, such as the ones they use for your VLE or MyMaths), click on Classes, and then enter the class code as described above.

How do I add students to more than one class?
Say, for example, you want to create a separate GCSE Maths Intervention class. Or the Science Department want to start adding classes. No problem at all. Just follow the steps above to create new classes and generate a code for students to enter when they next log in to the site. Students can belong to as many classes as you like.

How do I see data from last year’s classes?
Good news! Even when your classes have been archived, all the data on each student is still saved, and can be accessed in the usual way so you can see full progression over time!

And here is a video taking you through these steps:

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