Diagnostic Question Badges and Reputation Points

Over at Diagnostic Questions, we have introduced a new feature, whereby students and teachers (because I know you wouldn’t want to be left out!), can earn badges and reputation points based on their levels of contributions to the Diagnostic Questions community. Here are some of the many highly-exclusive badges up for grabs:

1 5 3426

And I am blaming Simon entirely for the “Doffing Hat” – I am already getting abuse from my Year 8s about that one.

As well as badges, we also have reputation points. How are reputation points calculated, I hear you ask? Well, much like the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken, it remains a closely guarded secret! But the formula is designed to reward valuable contributions to the Diagnostic Questions community, so things like writing good explanations, creating questions and quizzes, regularly visiting the site to answer questions and helping us spread the word about Diagnostic Questions will all see your points begin to accumulate.

If you haven’t visited the site for a while, please go and have a look around. We have made loads of improvements, not least of which involves adding all the other school subjects, so please tell your colleagues. And if you want a sneak preview of 3 premium features coming to the site next year, then have a read of this post.

Thanks for all your help and support with the website.





2 thoughts on “Diagnostic Question Badges and Reputation Points

  1. I have just discovered I have some badges & points – how exciting!

    A great idea Craig to add the badges. I have a Year 7 next year – I’m sure they will love them.

  2. Thanks Colleen! I will commission you a special badge for your support of the site ­čÖé
    Hope all’s well with you

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