TES School Awards 2015: Maths Teacher or Team of the Year


Nominations close on Sunday (8th March) for this year’s TES School Awards. This is your opportunity to nominate a maths teacher or a maths team who you think are particularly deserving of some wider recognition.

If this is one of those things you have always thought about doing, but never got round to in the past, then now is the perfect time! Perhaps you know a colleague who always goes above and beyond, or who has helped improve your teaching in ways you didn’t think possible.  Or maybe you have heard students talking about how much a certain teacher has helped them. These are exactly the kind of teachers TES want to hear about.

The guidelines state:
Imaginative maths teaching, examples of innovative work and clear evidence of success is the sum of what we’re looking for with this particular award.

Entries are welcome from school departments or any partner organisations working with them. The award will recognise both the school and the individual.

The process of nominating someone is really  quick and easy and can be done on the website. Again, as stated:

The supporting documentation should contain a case study for at least three students (any school phase) who have progressed and shown real achievement.

If you have someone in mind for this award, just visit this page to submit your nomination, and show them their work is appreciated 🙂

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