TES Maths ROTD: June 2017

Each day I select one of my favourite free maths resources that have been uploaded and shared by the generous and incredibly talented users of the TES Maths website and tweet it out via @TESmaths. I call this feature Resource of the Day (ROTD).

Here are my June selections. Just click on the resource description to download it.

And of course, all the resources selected are completely free. You just need to register on the TES website to download them.  And as ever, a huge thank you to all the teachers who share resources. You make TES what it is  :-)

1st June: Quiz students on key GCSE formulae with this Catchphrase activity
2nd June: Loads and loads of manipulating algebraic expressions practice
3rd June: Clear step-by-step guide to dividing using the bus-stop method
4th June: Another amazing spider activity, this time on Rounding
5th June: These gradient and area graphs lessons are phenomenal
6th June: Lovely worksheets and [problem cards for addition and subtraction
7th June: Differentiated questions on probability tree diagrams
8th June: Problems & activities for multiplying & dividing by 10, 100 etc
9th June: All the Excel generated worksheets you could ever need!
10th June: A superb selection of Key Stage 4 starters, complete with answers
11th June: A great 16 question angle properties relay race
12th June: Practice equations of straight lines with this aircraft hanger mini project
13th June: Pre and post assessments on a range of statistics topics
14th June: Some nice probability problem solving questions with And or OR
15th June: A quick True-False activity for multiplying with algebraic terms
16th June: A simple, but effective activity on converting hrs & mins to decimals
17th June: A fun theme-park activity on writing formulae
18th June: A superb mystery on roots, factors and links to cubic graphs
19th June: “A Dozen Questions” is a nice format for a homework or low-stakes quiz
20th June: “The Little Book of Circle Theorems” is a fun, foldable revision tool
21st June: A simple, but effective fraction sorting activity that leads to ordering
22nd June: A fantastic lesson on all aspects of pie charts, complete with animations
23rd June: “Related Calculations” challenges students’ knowledge of decimal operations
24th June: A great set of coordinates problem solving activities
25th June: Nice choice of questions on algebraic area and perimeter
26th June: A really nice lesson to introduce algebraic fractions
27th June: A lovely quiz that you might want to bank for the end of term
28th June: Want 50 factorising quadratic questions with answers? Here you go 🙂
29th June: A nice set of quick number puzzles that would make ideal starters
30th June: A nice introduction to vectors using chess pieces

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