TES Maths Newsletter 48

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

In this edition of the TES maths newsletter, help your pupils to practise naming graphs, to use rotations to catch a thief and to secure their passport to percentages.

Maths resources

Star resource

Star resourceNC 2014 special: Integers, powers and roots
Resources mapped to the objectives of the new maths curriculum, chosen by the TES maths panel.

Number and algebra

Drawing linear graphs
A well thought-out activity with three levels of challenge to introduce or recap drawing straight line graphs.

Passport to percentages
Students earn ‘air miles’ as they progress through a booklet of questions, demonstrating that they can perform all the fundamental skills.

Shape and space

Area and perimeter project
Challenge pupils to work out the area and perimeter of strange houses with this project that encompasses units of measurement, scale drawings and creating their own house.

Rotations: Catch the thief
A creative task on rotations where students use their skills to block the exit of a thief. Extend by getting students to design a more effective safe house.

Data and statistics

Car statistics project
This accessible statistical investigation encourages pupils to hypothesise, sample, collect, present and analyse data to support their argument.

Averages homework
Practise literacy, memory and research skills with this homework sheet that includes two stretch questions.


Name that graph
Test your students’ understanding of the different shapes and features of the graphs they will need in order to grasp co-ordinate geometry.

Reciprocal trig functions
Trigonometry can be notoriously difficult at post-16 level, use these diagnostic questions to identify any misconceptions.

TES magazine and community

D’oh! We have to get over our fear of maths?
Stretching the brightest students is crucial, argues science writer Simon Singh – and The Simpsons can help us to do just that.

Maths websites
What websites would you recommend for online classroom activities that students could also use for homework?

Sustaining progress
Describe your secrets to success for raising attainment in lower sets.

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