TES Maths Newsletter 46

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In this edition of the TES Maths newsletter we have a square with missing corners, a Pythagoras team challenge and Lola the dog teaches all about data.

Maths resources

Star resources

Star resourceTopic special: Decision maths
10 hand-picked ideas and resources for helping students to grasp the decision maths module at A-level.

Number and algebra

Percentages treasure hunt
A differentiated treasure-hunt activity, testing all the major skills of working with percentages, which would also work well as a card-sorting task.

Estimating calculations plenary
Students mark a piece of work on estimating calculations in this plenary that works to promote discussion and unearth misconceptions.

Shape and space

Introduction and team challenge
Well-designed PowerPoint presentations and worksheets to introduce the topic of Pythagoras to both higher and foundation students with a set of team challenges.

Missing corners of a square
A rich activity, with extension task, that tests if students can find all the possible squares from two fixed points on their corners.

Data and statistics

Design and use two-way tables
A complete lesson, with presentation and worksheet, on the key aspects of two-way tables. The questions get increasingly difficult, offering support and challenge to your students.

Types of data: Lola the dog
A fun and clear way of helping students to distinguish between the different types of data: qualitative and quantitative, discrete and continuous.


Chain, product, quotient rule match-up
Assess and consolidate your students’ understanding of three fundamental skills of differentiation with these match-up activities, with the option for pupils to create their own.

Hidden rectangle: A vectors investigation
Ideal to consolidate the topic, this is an engaging activity on vectors where students work through a series of intersecting and parallel lines in their quest to find the hidden rectangle.

TES magazine and community

Educating Yorkshire: Government uses programme’s popularity to recruit teachers
The Department for Education is capitalising on the popularity of Channel 4’s Educating Essex/Yorkshire series by launching an advert using Mr Burton to recruit new teachers into the profession.

November retake
Can students retake their maths GCSEs with another exam board?

Dividing whole numbers by a proper fraction?
Suggest ways this TA can support the teaching of fractions to a weak maths group.

Making maths cool
How can we move away from the ‘maths is hard’ culture and make children actually enjoy the subject?

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