TES Maths Newsletter 44

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In the final TES Maths newsletter of the academic year, we have a lesson on percentages and politics, a World Cup birthday paradox, and a displaying data task for The Avengers.

Maths resources

Star resource

Star resourceTopic special: Assessment, feedback and questioning
10 hand-picked ideas and resources for getting to grips with effective assessment, feedback and questioning from the TES Maths Panel.

Number and algebra

Equations Tarsia
A differentiated Tarsia puzzle on solving linear equations. Why not add an extension by making a few deliberate mistakes for the students to spot?

Percentages and politics
Students use knowledge of percentage change and reverse percentage to analyse the decisions made in the budget.

Shape and space

Symmetry and shape worksheet
A four-page worksheet on line symmetry that also gives pupils practice in identifying the key properties of 2D shapes.

Trigonometry lesson
A comprehensive lesson on trigonometry in right-angled and non-right-angled triangles with differentiated activities and links to Bloom’s taxonomy.

Data and statistics

Avengers data handling issue
An engaging activity that covers many of the key data diagrams and also calculating averages, all in the context of The Avengers.

World Cup birthday paradox
Intrigue your students with a lesson on the famous birthday paradox, using the 32 World Cup squads to test out the theory and progresses into arrangements and theoretical probability.


World Cup 2014 simulation
Introduce the Decision 1 topic of simulation using the FIFA World Cup. This would make for an ideal end of year activity for Year 11s to give them a taste of applied maths at A Level.

Transforming y = ln(x)
A challenging activity that looks at all the various transformation of the graph of y = ln(x) with teacher notes and links.

TES magazine and community

ROTW: The Crystal Maze
Explore questions and challenges based around Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese mathematics with the TES Maths resource of the week.

Guessing games get results
Use estimation and patterns to rivet reluctant mathematicians.

Sharing a maths group
How do you plan for teaching for a shared class where you only teach every 7th lesson?

Single and double A level timetabled together
Tips and advice on how to plan and split lessons to maximum effect.

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