TES End of Term Activities

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Now that the exams are done and your reports have been submitted, the countdown to the summer break is officially on! And what better way to end the year than with a few fun lessons, designed to keep pupils learning right up until the final bell rings?

As always, a big thank you must go to the Tes Maths community, which is entirely responsible for this creative collection of mathematical challenges and games. I look forward to seeing even more innovative ideas in the new academic year. Happy holidays to you all!

Craig Barton, Tes Maths adviser

Quizzes and mysteries

  • Whole-class pub quizzes
    Encourage healthy competition between pupils as they group together to answer quick-fire questions, complete memory challenges and solve dingbats as part of these multi-round quizzes.
  • Fun review quiz for KS3
    Revise essential topics with a variety of questions and timed challenges spread over five rounds. The answers are even included, making awarding the winner that much easier.
  • Pointless-themed activity
    Merge maths with a classic teatime game show to stimulate interesting discussions among your students using this interactive presentation, covering a number of key topics.
  • Maths murder mystery
    Get pupils deciphering five clues to reveal a single culprit from 32 suspects in this murderous activity, which recaps knowledge of 2D shapes, angles and coordinates.

Games and art

  • Modern art maths
    Practise converting fractions, decimals and percentages by encouraging pupils to create works of art using a classic 10×10 number grid as part of this well-structured activity.
  • Curves of pursuit slides
    Promote an interest in geometry while recapping key compass and ruler skills in this fascinating lesson, which sees learners creating beautiful, display-worthy shapes.
  • Maths relay races
    Pit pairs of students against each other to see who will be the first to complete a series of number puzzles, ideal for both KS3 and KS4 classes.
  • Ever-popular pirate game
    This pirate-themed strategy game is a firm favourite in many classrooms. And now, why not maximise your time on the high seas using this handy game grid generator?

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