Something in Common: my latest maths rich task obsession

Last year, maths teacher John Burke contacted me to offer to share¬†his amazing collection of 30 Something in Common maths rich tasks with me. Over the last 12 months I’ve used them with pretty much all of my classes to great effect. And just this week, John contacted me again to say that the collection has grown from 30 to 50!

I love these activities because they allow consolidation of key skills, prevent students from copying each other (as all the questions are different), make marking and assessing easy for the teacher (as all the answers are the same!), and provide a lovely extra challenge for students as they try to figure out exactly what is going on! In short, I think they are amazing, and thank you so much to John for sharing them with us all.

I have updated my Something in Common page on my website to include the extra 20 tasks, and arranged them by earliest year group. They now span Year 7 up to A Level Further Maths.

I really hope you and your students find them useful, and thanks once again to John!

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