#088 Slice of Advice 2019: What did you learn this year?

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast, with me Craig Barton.

Now, 12 months ago I did an experimental episode of the show where I asked a whole host of my favourite people one question: “what did you learn this year?”. The episode proved very popular, and the crowd have demanded more. So, never wishing to deprive my public, I have got the band back together again to answer… yes, the exact same question: “what did you learn this year?”. If it ain’t broke…

Before we dive into that, I need to say something very important. I invited 20 females to contribute to this episode, but unfortunately – for a variety of reasons – only 8 have chosen to do so. This is a real shame as it means we have a really male-dominated episode. Female representation is something that Jo Morgan and I have discussed at length, and something I actively try to tackle in the main episodes of the show. I am aware it is a huge issue, and I know that an episode like this does not help. I am not sure what the solution is – I did think hard about scrapping this episode – but I just wanted to make you, my dear listener know, that I am aware of the problem.

Anyway, I really hope that does not diminish your enjoyment of what really is a golden-nugget filled episode of the show, where you will hear from household names and those perhaps not so familiar as they reflect on what they have learned in the last 12 months. We have primary specialists, secondary specialists, maths teachers, English teachers, History teachers, headteachers, Chief Examiners, Scots, Americans. Australians, information designers, Behaviour Tsars, University Challenge winners, and Dylan Wiliam. The range of topics covered is incredible. My hope is that these reflections do for you what they did for me – cause you to pause and reflect, both on things that went well and did not go so well this year, and give you some food for thought and inspiration going forward.

1 Adam Boxer @adamboxer1
2 Alex Quigley
3 Amir Arezoo
4 Andrew Percival
5 Andy Lutwyche
6 Ben Gordon
7 Ben Rooney @benjrooney
8 Berkeley Everett
9 Bobby Segul
10 Chris McDonald @chrismcd53
11 Clare Sealy @ClareSealy
12 Dan Pearcy @DanielPearcy
13 Dan Rodriguez Clark
14 David Wees @davidwees
15 Dylan Wiliam @dylanwiliam
16 Ed Southall
17 Graham Cumming
18 Harry Fletcher-Wood
19 Jamie Thom
20 Jess Prior
21 Jemma Sherwood @jemmaths
22 Jo Morgan @mathsjem
23 Katharine Bribalsingh @Miss_Snuffy
24 Kris Boulton @Kris_Boulton
25 Luke Pearce @lukepearce85
26 Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt
27 Mel Muldowney @Just_Maths
28 Michael Pershan @mpershan
29 Naveen Rizvi @naveenfrizvi
30 Oli Cavigloli @olicav
31 Ollie Lovell @ollie_lovell
32 Paul Rowlandson
33 Richard Tock
34 Rob Eastaway
35 Stuart Welsh @maths180
36 Tim Roach @MrTRoach
37 Tom Bennett
38 Tom Button
39 Tom Francome @TFrancome
40 Tom Sherrington @teacherhead

@mrshawthorne7 on Twitter has kindly produced and shared these amazing set of sketch notes to summarise the key points made in the episode:



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Thanks so much for listening, and I really hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

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