Perimeter and Area: New Secondary Maths Curriculum Collection 11

Each fortnight, I will put together a selection of resources designed to help cover the objectives of the new 2014 maths curriculum for secondary schools (Key Stage 3). These are all freely available from the TES website.

You can find the full collection here

I hope you find them useful

Pupils should be taught to:

derive and apply formulae to calculate and solve problems involving: perimeter and area of triangles, parallelograms, trapezia, volume of cuboids (including cubes) and other prisms (including cylinders) 

Area and formulae revision sheet
A card-matching revision activity based on the formula for calculating the area of several shapes.

Using and deriving formulae
A PowerPoint presentation looking at how to derive a formula for area of shapes and then allows pupils to apply what they have learned to some challenging questions, including an exam style question.

Volume and surface area of cylinders lesson
PowerPoint presentation showing where the formulae for volume of surface area of a cylinder are derived, which also includes some diagnostic questions to start and exam-style questions to check for progress.


calculate and solve problems involving: perimeters of 2-D shapes (including circles), areas of circles and composite shapes 

Area and perimeter treasure-hunt trail
An area and perimeter maths trail/treasure-hunt activity, ideal for consolidating a lesson on this topic and engaging pupils.

Area and perimeter of composite shapes
A PowerPoint presentation for teaching area and perimeter of composite shapes with some good example questions for pupils to attempt.

Circumference of circles – Group activities
Four different activities based on calculating the circumference of a circle including Connect Four and a game using playing cards.

Compound area jigsaw activity
Tarsia puzzles based on the area of compound shapes, ranging in difficulty for differentiation.

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