Nick Rose: Mindset, Misconceptions, Differentiation

August 6, 2017 - Podcast
Nick Rose: Mindset, Misconceptions, Differentiation

On this episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast, I spoke to Nick Rose.

Nick is a former science teacher who now works as a researcher for TeachFirst . He runs the excellent Evidence into Practice blog, and is the co-author of one of my favourite education books: What every teacher needs to know about Psychology, which he wrote with David Didau. Nick is particularly interested in applying psychology to teaching, and as a former A Level Psychologist myself (although I chose it more because there were only 3 lads on the course and 15 girls), and someone who is fascinated in how students think and behave, I was particularly interested in talking to him.

In a wide-ranging interview we covered the following, and more::

You know what I am going to say here – I think this is another must-listen. Nick drops little piece of gold dust throughout the interview. Mindset and psychology in general are topics that we have only touched upon in previous episodes, and it was both fascinating and enlightening to delve deep into them with an expert such as Nick. Along with my interviews with Daisy Christodoulou, Tom Bennett, Dylan Wiliam and the Bjorks, it could well be another one to share with you non-maths colleagues.

The usual mention of my research page. I have linked to and provided my own practical takeaways to over 100 papers that have changed my approach to teaching, and I will be adding the ones Nick discusses in this interview. You can find the page at And the usual plea, that if you enjoy what you hear, then please give the podcast a quick rating or review on iTunes. I have peaked at number 12 in the global Education chart, and am currently working on a petition to get all “learning language” podcasts banned so I can sneak into the top 10. Who needs languages anyway?…

On Twitter Nick is @Nick_J_Rose
His excellent blog can be found at:
His phenomenal book is What every teacher needs to know about Psychology

Nick Rose’s Big 3
1. American Educator
2. Dan Willingham blog
3. ResearchEd

Thanks so much for listening, and I really hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

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