Mean from a Frequency Table Generator: TES Maths Resource of the Week

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What is it?
You know sometimes you are looking for something very specific, to suit a certain need, and then you find it, and life is good? Well, that happened with this resource, and so I could not resist making it my Resource of the Week. I was planning a lesson on calculating an estimation of the mean from a frequency table for my Year 9 class, and I simply wanted some examples that they could do – lots of them. And this resource does just that. It is an Excel mean from a frequency table generator. Every time you hit “new question” you get a brand new table to complete, and best of all you can reveal the necessary steps to the solution step-by-step.

How can it be used?
I used this resource four ways:
1. I used it when going through a worked example. I took a screenshot of the incomplete table, pasted it onto a PowerPoint, and used this to talk students through the necessary steps. I was then free to flick back to the Excel version to check my calculations.
2. I next used it to generate examples for the students to practice. Again, the facility to check solutions at the click of a button was brilliant. And as a top-tip, I would recommend saving 4 versions of the resource, and then you can project 4 questions on the board at any one time. I show you what I mean in the video.
3. I used this resource to create practice questions and answers for my students’ homework
4. Finally, I have this resource saved on my desktop so I can quickly project a question at any stage to ensure students have never gone more than a month without practising this key skill

Thanks so much for sharing
Craig Barton

Download: Mean from a Frequency Table Generator
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