Free Revision Streams for GCSE, Primary and IB Maths

Whether you are preparing your students for the Key Stage 1 Maths SATs, Key Stage 2 Maths SATs, the brand new Maths GCSE, or the IB, there is little doubt that the exams are fast approaching!

Here at Diagnostic Questions we like to try and help out wherever we can. So, we have set up a series of Revision Streams for you and your students in the build up to these exams. These are completely free, can be assigned with a couple of clicks, and mean that your students will be sent two top-quality questions a day, every day, right up until the exam.

Students can answer these questions on their phones, tablets or a computer. This year it is easier than ever for them to keep on top of the daily Streams with our Diagnostic Questions mobile app. Students can answer questions on the bus, after their dinner, just before they go to sleep, wherever they prefer. And you can be happy in the knowledge that your students are receiving the continual daily practice that is the key to success in maths.

Each time you log into the site you can see how your students are getting on. Which questions are causing the most problems? Which topics do you need to go over again? Which students should you pair together? Which would benefit from intervention? The answers to these questions could be invaluable.

So, which Streams are available, I hear you say? Well, this year we have gone all out!

Courtesy of the amazing White Rose Maths Hub, we can offer the following 100 day Revision Streams, both starting on the 30th January:
Key Stage 1 SATs
Key Stage 2 SATs

Courtesy of the awarding bodies, we have the following 100 day Revision Streams, each starting on 14th February (nothing says romance quite like two maths questions a day):
AQA Foundation and Higher
Edexcel Foundation and Higher
OCR Foundation and Higher
WJEC Welsh Numeracy GCSE

Thanks to Adrian Sparrow from Aiglon School, we also have the following 50 day Revision Streams, both starting on 5th March:
IB Maths Studies
IB Standard Maths

These Streams can all be assigned right away by the click of a button so you are set-up and ready to go. I have recorded a short video below to show you how to get set-up here, and click here to jump straight to the Streams page.

And if you are reading this after the Start Date for your Stream has passed, then fear not! You can join in with the Streams at any stage.

If you are new to Diagnostic Questions and you would like us to upload your classes for you, then it is no problem at all. Simply send an email to [email protected]¬†attaching a spreadsheet with your students’ names and classes (you can specify usernames and passwords if you like too, or we can generate them for you), and we will get them sorted.

I really hope you and your students find this useful


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