Diagnostic Question Bundles 3: Functions, Place Value, Congruency and more!

September 7, 2014 - Diagnostic Questions, Question Bundles

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so after making my big claim that I was going to write 20 diagnostic (or hinge) questions a week for my website back in July, I officially lasted two weeks! Well, this time I have a new plan of action, and I am going to stick to it. Definitely… 100%… Almost certainly… Probably :-)

I am going to try to write at least 5 new Diagnostic Questions a day. I am going to plan them on my drive into work and then write them as soon as I get it. The only things that could scupper this flawless plan are an unscheduled lie-in, or one of my colleagues calling in sick and me having to sort the cover work out.

But, I have made it to the end of this week, and here is a selection of the questions I have created…

Functions: Domain and Range

Factorising Quadratics

Upper and Lower Bounds

Probability with spinners

Counting and Place Value

Coungruency in Triangles

Similar Shapes

I hope you find them useful. Please share any comments or feedback from using them in the classroom. And hopefully I will have aonother bundle for you next week! :-)


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