Diagnostic Question Bundles 1: Fractions, Surds and Indices

So, I have set myself the challenge of writing at least 20 fresh Diagnostic Questions each week on my website. Each week I will choose a couple of topics and write a set of questions around them. Whether I can keep up with this is anybody’s guess!

Anyway, I am off to a decent start with this first bundle of questions on Fractions, Surds and Indices. I chose these topics as a result of my Year 11s latest GCSE mock exam and based the incorrect answers on the mistakes they made.

Even if none of your students select the incorrect answer, it is a good idea to challenge them to see if they can figure out where the incorrect answer comes from and hence where the misconception lies. This promotes a deeper level of thinking and understanding.

To access all the questions, just visit the Question section and use the appropriate filters and sorting options. I have also embedded a few of the questions below so you can have a play around with them.

I hope you and your students find the questions useful, and if I start to fall behind with my 20 question a week challenge, please feel free to let me know!

And, as ever, if you get some time please create some questions 🙂

2 thoughts on “Diagnostic Question Bundles 1: Fractions, Surds and Indices

  1. I just discovered the website ‘diagnosticquestions’ thanks to your blog. It looks amazing and I’m hoping to introduce it into my classroom this week. I am also hoping to create topic tests for year 8 (NI) that will coincide with the Key Maths books. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for everything you do, you are truly inspirational. Julie Carville

  2. That’s very kind, Julie, thank you. Let me know how you get on – I would love to feature the topic tests as a special collection!

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