Build an Army: New, free maths activites

General Rules

I have uploaded a bundle of free activities I have created to the TES website, called “Build an Army: Strength in Numbers“. And yes, the title came before the activity.

“Build an Army” is a fun (well, hopefully anyway!), strategy game that can be used to consolidate understanding of key mathematical concepts. After students have played the game and described their strategy, there are opportunities for differentiation via various lines of inquiry and probing questions for the students to investigate. Full instructions are provided in the “General Rules” PowerPoint.

These are all freely available on TES, and can be accessed via the links below. I hope you and your students enjoy using them.

And feel free to create spin-off “Build an Army” activities yourself! 🙂

Decimal Arithmetic
Decimals (add and subtract)
Ordering Fractions
Fraction Arithmetic
Fractions of an Amount
Negative Numbers (add and subtract)
Negative Numbers Arithmetic
Percentages of an Amount
Sharing in a Ratio (fixed amount)
Sharing in a Ratio (variable amount)
Times Tables

Algebraic Substitution

Averages and Range


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