7. Area of a Triangle

Area of a Triangle – Guess the Misconception

Last week we looked at a question on Fractions and Decimals, and the reason for the biggest misconception was a very surprising one (see last week’s results).

How will you fare predicting the most common student misconception on this question on area of triangles, taken from the free GCSE Higher Revision Stream, that over 10,000 students across the UK have signed up to.

Can you predict the most common way students went wrong with this one? Get your votes in, share with your colleagues and students to see what they think, and the answers will be revealed next week!

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2 thoughts on “Area of a Triangle – Guess the Misconception

  1. Eek… misconception of the question-writer is that you can put any numbers down and call it an isosceles triangle! If you cut this down the middle, and do Pythagoras, the height isn’t 6…

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