Bruno Reddy – Times Table Rockstars and

February 13, 2016 - Podcast
Bruno Reddy – Times Table Rockstars and

On this episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast I spoke to Bruno Reddy, former Head of Maths at King Solomon Academy, creator of, and the man behind the phenomenon that is Times Table Rockstars.

In an epic 2 hour interview, we covered loads of things, including:

Obviously, I am completely biased, but I think this is a cracking, thought-provoking listen. I hope you agree.

The two things I mentioned in the introduction can be found here:
1. Free 100 Day Countdown GCSE Revision Streams:
2. My Just the Job Podcast: 

Bruno’s excellent website and blog can be found here:
And on Twitter he is @MrReddyMaths: (and remember to tweet him your efforts at his puzzle using the hashtag #BrunosPuzzle)
This King Solomon Academy Job Vacancy page is here:
Times Table Rock Stars can be found here:

Here are the links to Bruno’s Big 3:
1. Thinkers by John Mason and Anne Watson:—50-Off/Language-and-Mathematics/Shop/Thinkers/act057
2. Glencoe Manipulatives:
Guide to the Manipulatives:
3. Thinking Blocks: 

Thanks so much for listening, and see you next time
Craig Barton



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