#170 How to secure 100% student engagement with Pritesh Raichura

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast is kindly supported by AQA. You can find out more about their Questions Matter campaign here: aqa.org.uk/questions-matter

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I have been a huge fan of Pritesh’s writing for years. He shares honest, insightful reflections about teaching on his blog Bunsen Blue. But over the last few months, his writing has gone to a new level, with each post blowing my mind a little bit more. In particular, his insights into student engagement, the importance of checking for listening as a precursor to checking for understanding, and his approach to All Hands-Up Cold Calling have already had a profound influence on my practice.

Whatever your subject or level of experience, I know you will get loads out of this conversation

Useful time-stamps:

  1. Welcome to Pritesh (06:51)
  2. Pritesh’s favourite failure (10:37)
  3. What does Pritiesh mean by attention? (19:25)
  4. What does 100% attention look like? (22:53)
  5. Is 100% attention really achievable? (28:15)
  6. What is the relationship between attention and behaviour? (33:44)
  7. All-Hands-Up Cold Call (46:06)
  8. How do you secure attention when students are practising independently? (1:16:37)
  9. Show Call (1:20:35)
  10. High-frequency checks for listening (1:25:20)
  11. Desks in rows (1:43:05)
  12. S-L-A-N-T (1:58:10)
  13. Silence as a default (2:08:36)
  14. The instruction sandwich (2:18:44)
  15. Making routines work in the classroom when they are not whole-school policies (2:26:51)
  16. The three phases of questioning (2:33:41)
  17. Backload the means of participation (2:45:51)
  18. Turn and Talk (2:52:24)
  19. Mini-whiteboards (3:10:59)
  20. Head down, fist on head, for answering multiple choice questions (3:21:38)
  21. Pritesh’s Big 3 (3:30:02)

Videos from our conversation:

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About the guests

On Twitter Pritesh is @Mr_Raichura
Pritesh’s blog, Bunsen Blue, is here: bunsenblue.wordpress.com

Pritesh’s Big 3

  1. Seven Myths about Eduction
  2. Teach like a Champion 3.0
  3. Come and visit Ark Sloane Academy! – send Pritiesh a message on Twitter

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