Andrew Taylor – Head of Maths at AQA

On this episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast I spoke to Andrew Taylor, the Head of Maths at AQA.

I asked Andrew many questions, including:

Does he feel that the Maths GCSE actually needed changing?

What are the biggest differences, in his opinion, between the current and new specs?

What advice does he have for teachers when preparing their students for the new Maths GCSE?

What will the new Maths GCSE grade boundaries look like?

What tier of entry would he recommend for a Grade C student?

And the big one… why should schools choose AQA ahead of the other exam boards?


All of the resources Andrew mentions can be found at All About Maths: http://allaboutmaths.aqa.org.uk/home

The lovely (and free!) AQA Diagnostic Questions quizzes can be found at: https://www.diagnosticquestions.com/aqa

Music for the podcast is provided by podcastthemes.com. If you want to get in contact, on twitter I am @mrbartonmaths.

See you next time!

Craig Barton

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