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Eedi newsletter

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  1. My Coaching Process
  2. Coaching Case Studies #1: Improving the Do Now and explanations
  3. Coaching Case Studies #2: Improving worked examples and check for understanding
  4. Coaching Case Studies #3: Misconceptions and going through tests
  5. Coaching Case Studies #4: Non-examples and room layout
  6. The power of the Hypothesis Model when coaching
  1. Two ideas for improving GCSE revision
  2. The myth of copying things down
  3. Busy tricking during the Do Now
  4. Supercharging Think, Pair, Share
  5. The cost of classroom interruptions
  6. How many of your students are participating?
  7. Participation ratio in lessons: the results are in!
  8. Boosting the participation ratio during our explanations
  9. How prescriptive should a Head of Department be?
  10. Book-to-Board: One of my favourite uses of mini-whiteboards
  11. Pitfalls to avoid when going through answers
  12. Mini-whiteboard + Exam paper = ❤️❤️❤️
  1. Variation spiders!
  2. GCSE Big 20
  3. The best maths worksheet ever?
  4. Free maths CPD
  5. Back to school: Four things to listen to
  6. Brand-new, free maths resources for every maths topic
3-Read Friday
  1. Coaching expectations, consistency and worked examples
  2. Attention, revision mistakes, and seminal studies
  3. Explanations, confidence, and productive struggle
  4. Efficiency, observations, and ChatGTP
  5. Teach like nobody’s watching, 1% better, and angles
  6. Participation ratio, Go-to guides, and success
  7. Time, planning, and mathematical literacy
  8. Problem-solving, self-explanation, and 3 Acts
  9. Maths resources, action bias, and fun lessons
  10. Homework, highlighting, and angles
  11. Pre-testing, quizzes, and if-then statements