Writing a new Maths Scheme of Work Collection

In June 2014, Karen Wilkinson, Colm Lynch and myself say down to write a new maths scheme of work for Years 7 to 11 in an attempt to best prepare our students for the new mathematics curriculum. This is our story…


Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Philosophy

Part 3 – Advice

Part 4 – Structure

Part 5 – Content and Order

Part 6 – A Possible Order

Part 7 – Pitching the plan to Staff

Part 8 – Rich Tasks – Median

Part 9 – Rich Tasks – Creating Prompts and Questions

Part 10 – An Alternative View!

Part 11 – Rich Tasks – The Return of the Standards Units

Part 12 – Math Fair Problems

Part 13 – Kangaroo Maths Update!

Part 14 – Regular Starter Activities

Part 15 – Regular Problem Solving

Part 16 – Homeworks

Part 17 – Assessments

Part 18 – Feedback, Dialogue and Redrafting

Part 19 – One Year On

22 thoughts on “Writing a new Maths Scheme of Work Collection

  1. Hi Craig,
    Some advice please,
    What would you teach as a one off lesson to yr7s who have finished the syllabus and just sat their end of year exam if you were being observed.
    Also have you any good resources to teach either sequences or straight line graphs to middle yr 8s again for an observed lesson

  2. Hi Jo,
    For Year 7s you could look at a rich task like the one I wrote about in Part 9 of my Scheme of Work series. As for sequences or series, just Google “TES Maths Sequences …” followed by whatever it is you are looking for, like card sort, group work, etc. And then ensure you look at adapt it to fit your teaching style, your students, etc. Good resources for one teacher are not necessarily good for another.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi Craig,
    Is the SOW available to download or view as a finished article?
    I will be required to write the year 7 and 8 SOW soon so i’m looking for as many ideas as possible!

    Keep up the good work,

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