#169 Tools and Tips for Teachers: Episode 3

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Episode details

Ollie Lovell is a maths and science teacher from Australia, an author, and my longtime, bitter podcasting rival. We have decided to get together once a month to share three things we have each learned and get the other’s take on it.


  1. Be explicit about connections (05:27)
  2. A quadrilogy for worked examples (14:07)
  3. Expectations of teacher knowledge have fallen over time (29:44)
  4. The best use of iPads I’ve seen (41:21)
  5. Buy some timer dice! (52:02)
  6. Rewards for revision (54:55)



You can find over 200 videos on all aspects of teaching and learning indexed here: tipsforteachers.co.uk

Ollie’s stuff

  • Sign up for Ollie’s newsletter here: edthreads.ollielovell.com
  • On Twitter, Ollie is @ollie_lovell
  • Ollie’s website is ollielovell.com 
  • You can check out Ollie’s podcast, The Education Research Reading Room here
  • Ollie’s first book, Cognitive Load Theory in Action, is available from Amazon
  • Ollie’s second book, Tools for Teachers, is available from Amazon

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