TES Top 10 Resources: Decision Maths

The following collection of resources have been assembled by theTES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Decisions shape our lives. Decision maths helps us balance the alternatives inherent in any decision and make the mathematically correct decision. The subject is a fairly recent field of study and it is at the cutting edge of modern day mathematics. The subject essentially uses mathematical algorithms and models to solve real world problems. Airplane navigation systems, car sat navs, the tube system, industrial factories and businesses all use the techniques in this field.  Decision maths is also the link between maths and computing.  Given the reliance of computers in the modern day world, decision maths provides an entry-level understanding of how one can communicate with computers.  Below are some of the best recourses, which bring life to this great topic and help students learn the material well.

Top 10 resources:

AS level decision maths revision quiz

Two pub quizzes for students who have finished the Decision Maths course. A useful way to see what students know after the content has been delivered and a fun activity in lesson. A nice break from loads of past papers, too.

Sorting algorithms PowerPoint 

A resource to demonstrate the various sorting algorithms students are required to learn for the course. It is helpful as it provides a visual way for students to ‘see’ the algorithms working. The spreadsheet also tracks the comparisons and exchanges which offers a great opportunity to open a discussion with students about how many comparisons and exchanges are actually needed.

Inequality regions sheet

An activity and worksheet to allow students the opportunity to practise drawing and understanding linear programming feasible regions and determining the appropriate vertices. I know many students find graphical linear programming challenging and this activity allows students to gain confidence in the key skills for this topic.

Linear programming matching activity

A matching activity to get students to think deeply about linear programming problems. It makes a change from just doing questions and is a well presented activity with solutions (which we teachers always like).

Revision jigsaw

A Tarsia matching puzzle to revise and cover lots of material in a part of a lesson. Again, it breaks up endless past paper work.

Linear programming problems

A clear, concise and context driven presentation to introduce linear programming questions. They are clear and ready to use in the classroom. 

Decision 1 revision notes

A set of notes for the Decision 1 maths course.  Clear, succinct and detailed and would prove great for student revision of the key ideas. Students will be pleased with a concise set of notes with all the facts they need for their exams.

Eulerian graphs to the route inspection

How often do I delve into Standards unit: Improving learning in mathematics box to find the most wonderful activities for exploring and learning maths? Sometimes I forget how good the A-Level material is. Here is a great example of an introduction to Eulerian graphs and the Chinese postman problem. The Standards Unit box is just gold dust.

Bridges of Konigsberg investigation

Some of the problems in decision maths are at the forefront of modern mathematics.  Why restrict these problems to A-Level students?  Here’s an activity for younger learners to work through.

Tutorials and exam questions

The whole Decision Maths course available in tutorials format online. Great for ‘flipping the classroom’, revision, consolidation or for students who may have missed lessons.


Colin, TES Maths panel

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