TES Top 10 Resource Collection: Working with Formula

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

My pupils often ask me the point of learning algebra. I typically respond by informing them of the wide range of areas that algebra is used. We discuss the use of simple formulas, like calculating how much paint is needed to paint the walls in someone’s room, to the use of complex formulas, such as those used by investment analysts. With the aid of TES Connect and the resources I have picked out, pupils will no longer be scared of those letters creeping into their maths lessons.

Top 10 resources:

1.  Forming expressions bingo

Age range: KS3-4

Each pupil receives a bingo card must answer the questions are on the board, the order of which you can change. The pupils have to change the written format into the mathematical format. This resources also comes with the added benefit of being easy to edit, and could be adapted to a KS3 class.

2.  KS3 Algebra activity substituting into formula

Age range: KS3

A resource to practise substituting numbers into formulas. Pupils could work in pairs or small groups to put together this domino activity. Once this is done, provide pupils with a blank set of cards, and get them to write their own domino puzzles.

3.  Using formulae

Age range: KS3

This guided worksheet utilises a range of simple and complex formulae to introduce the concept formulas and the power of generalisation.

4.  Higher dinosaur substitution worksheet

Age range: KS4

Get students playing Top Trumps and using substitution skills. This is ideal for a quick starter or plenary activity and would be perfect for the younger years as well, although you would need to adapt the questions.

5.  Tarsia – Substitution

Age range: KS3-4

A matching activity for KS4 and the higher end of KS3. Perfect to get students working in pairs and solving problems. To extend this activity, you could edit one of the questions so that you can a repeated answer.

6.  Rearranging formulae multiple choice

Age range: 11-16

A resource for reviewing learning. Pupils will require the use of red, amber and green cards. To adapt this resource for students who are colour blind, assign numbers or letters by the side of each answer so they can still access the work.

7.  MathBusters game: Substituting into formulae

Age range: 11-16

The selection of blockbuster-esque maths games is every growing. It is a great way to get students to work as a team whilst practising maths. A tip would be to write down what the values of each of the letters are (on the first slide) somewhere visible, or alternatively you could see which students are the most observant in your class.

8.  Which formula?

Age range: KS3-4

This resource gets students reading statements and creating formulas. For multiple choice based activities, I hide the answers from the class, let them work out the answer, then show the choices to them and give them some time to change their answer.

9.  Tarsia – Substitution

Age range: KS3-4

This is another Tarsia activity for pair or group work. It is probably more suited to KS4 and the higher end of KS3. Extend this activity by getting students to use index notation to rewrite some of the problems.

10.  Substitution game

Age range: KS3

An opportunity to get your class practising their substitution skills without them realising how much maths they are doing. Similar to the Top Trumps activity but better suited to KS3 and lower KS4.

Tom Dean, TES Maths panel

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