TES Maths Resource of the Day: March 2017

Each day I select one of my favourite free maths resources that have been uploaded and shared by the generous and incredibly talented users of the TES Maths website and tweet it out via @TESmaths. I call this feature Resource of the Day (ROTD).

Here are my January selections. Just click on the resource description to download it.

And of course, all the resources selected are completely free. You just need to register on the TES website to download them.  And as ever, a huge thank you to all the teachers who share resources. You make TES what it is  :-)

1st March: These BIDMAS Spiders are a nice way to spice up order of operations
2nd March: Really nice way to support students struggling with angles in parallel lines
3rd March: This magic square is a lovely way to practice expanding brackets and simplifying
4th March: This superb angle properties codebreaker covers all the basic angle facts
5th March: All the algebra practice your students could need with the eBook and solutions 
6th March: Lots of different types of questions/activities to practice collecting like terms
7th March: Investigate prime and composite numbers via areas of rectangles
8th March: A superb lesson on listing combinations for the new maths GCSE
9th March: Another superb “spider” activity, this time on inequalities
10th March: Quick fire expanding double brackets quiz, complete with answers
11th March: A structured worksheet for calculating the surface area of a tin of beans! 
12th March: A lovely, practical bearings activity, complete with answers
13th March: I am loving these “spider” activities. His one is on expanding brackets 
14th March: Really nice structured approach to factorising using difference of two squares
15th March: A wonderful 6 week Numeracy homework page to focus on many crucial skills
16th March: A fantastic, complete lesson on dividing by decimals
17th March: Lots of potential for interesting discussion with this ordering decimals lesson
18th March: Help students gain practice combining algebra and compound shapes
19th March: A remix of a classic activity on interpreting cumulative frequency & box plots
20th March: A fantastic look at some dodgy graphs to promote discussion on representing data 
21st March: “Factor Bugs”, leading to primes numbers, square numbers, & even Venn Diagrams
22nd March: Practice key numeracy skills with this engaging collection of race games
23rd March: A superb set of relay activities for revising key algebra concepts 
24th March: Uses exponential graphs to show how things can go viral on social media! 
25th March: An outstanding 8 lesson series on fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio 
26th March: A superb set of lessons on the basic of trigonometry, complete with answers 
27th March: This mystery is ideal for open evenings, taster days, end of term, and more! 
28th March: A simple dice game to add challenge and engagement to sharing in a ratio 
29th March: This Topic Mat for Complex Numbers could easily be adapted for any topic
30th March: An ideal lesson on frequency tress and systematic listing for the new GCSE
31st March: Equations of quadratic graphs, simultaneous equations, and more! Lovely activity 

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