TES Maths Newsletter 8

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceMaths at Christmas
Make the last few weeks of term jam-packed with festive maths fun with this collection of 10 excellent Christmas resources.

Christmas challenges

Maths Christmas activities booklet
Keep your students busy and their brains ticking with this set of Christmas-themed maths activities.

Christmas puzzles
One of TES’ most popular Christmas resources – this set of excellent puzzles will challenge even the smartest Santa.

Number and algebra

Algebra magic
The classic “standards unit” resource gets a make-over, coming complete with worksheets, embedded apps, teacher notes and more. Ideal for hooking your students onto algebra.

Design a lunar theme park
So much maths is crammed into this wonderful project in which students are challenged to design a profit-making theme park.

Shape and space

Alien trigonometry starter
If your students have studied the Sine Rule and SOHCAHTOA, put them to the test with this challenge involving a spaceship and alien abduction.

Advert measurement
How can you use a classic retro advert to help spice up the potentially dull topic of Units of Measurement? Find out with this resource.

Data and statistics

Christmas tree diagrams
Alice and Ben have written their Christmas lists. What is the probability that they will receive the gifts of their dreams?

Representing game books
A fascinating video which shows how you can produce a graphical representation of an adventure book to help you make the best choices.

BigBangLesson middle

Advice from the TES Maths forum

Lesson observations and maths teaching
Would your teaching change if you knew you wouldn’t be observed again?

Risk management for schools
Got a question about insurance, risk management or business continuity planning? Paul Tombs and his team from Zurich Municipal will be on hand throughout December with advice and best practice.

Improving basic number skills
Can you recommend any long-term strategies for children struggling with basic number skills?

Maths textbooks
This teacher is looking for second-hand textbook schemes.

Explaining ‘mixed terms’ in algebra
Can you suggest a good way to explain them?

Drawing graphs at KS3
Teachers discuss whether or not this something that should be mastered by this stage.

Organising a maths week
Some useful ideas here – share your experiences of what works best.

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