TES Maths Newsletter 47

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

In this edition of the TES maths newsletter we have some hand-picked basic number resources for the new maths curriculum, probability speed dating and the bridges of Bedford challenge.

Maths resources

Star resource

Star resourceNC 2014 special: Arithmetic and number operations
Resources mapped to the objectives of the new maths curriculum, chosen by the TES maths panel.

Number and algebra

Fractions, decimals and percentages
A set of resources that is full of quality rich activities, puzzles and consolidation exercises.

Trial and improvement
This well planned lesson on trial and improvement practises basic skills and challenges students to highlight common, crucial mistakes.

Shape and space

Circle theorem lessons
A collection of ideas and activities for teaching circle theorems, with video links to help engage students.

Transformation treasure island
Students must describe a journey from one side of an island to the other, providing an introduction to the topic of translations using vectors.

Data and statistics

Speed dating: Conditional probability
Inject a bit of fun into conditional probability as your class take on the role of speed daters who have limited time to solve tricky probability problems.

Tree diagram match-up
Challenge your students’ understanding of tree diagrams with this activity to match pictures, trees and probability statements.


Logarithms – Solving equations
A series of rich activities to help students get to grips with all aspect of logarithms, also providing opportunities for group work and discussion.

Bridges of Bedford marathon
The classic bridges of Königsberg problem has been relocated to Bedford for an investigation that introduces algorithms in the decision 1 module.

TES magazine and community

Cooking up a storm
Enthral students with Breaking Bad-related maths activities.

Resource of the week
Explore Japanese temple problems with this week’s TES maths pick.

Busier than ever
Do you feel like you’re drowning in marking already?

Taught to pass?
Discuss whether helping students to a grade C at GCSE provides them with lifelong maths skills.

Maths timetable
Has, or is your school planning to, increase the hours of maths teaching in light of the new curriculum?

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