TES Maths Newsletter 42

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

In this edition of the maths newsletter we have a collection of project ideas, a set of homework sheets and World Cup activities to inspire your lessons.

Maths resources

Star resource

Star resourceProjects collection 
10 hand-picked ideas for end-of-term projects, from the TES Maths panel.

Number and algebra

Grade B to A* homeworks
A set of quick-to-mark homework sheets that cover all the main topics of number and algebra.

A question of decimals
Make recurring decimals more engaging with this Question of Sport quiz format.

Shape and space

Discovering Pi
Activities and lesson ideas to investigate Pi and practise using it in a series of contexts.

Translation card sort
Consolidate understanding of translations using vectors with this match-up activity.

Data and statistics

Superhero stats
Check knowledge of averages with this card-sorting mystery and game of superhero top trumps.

World Cup games and activities
A detailed collection of World Cup resources, including a World Cup data file which lists key statistics on each of the 32 competing countries.


Differentiation puzzle
This challenging activity incorporates many aspects of differentiation – gradient at specific point, stationary points and equations of tangents.

Core 3 revision 
High quality multiple choice questions that can be used with Activote software, or simply with mini-whiteboards or fingers, to test the key skills needed for the Core 3 module.

TES revision

TES magazine and community

Over 100 maths investigation ideas
This extensive collection of mathematical investigations can even be used with older and more advanced students.

Alvin Hall’s best teachers
In a time of racial segregation, two women offered the inquisitive young maths whizz hope of a better future.

Line graphs vs. bar graphs
Help this teacher explain the differences and appropriate uses of graphs to her class.

Applying for a position on the IB Maths curriculum review team
Has anyone else applied or done this before? Share your experience in our forums.

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