TES Maths Newsletter 41

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

In this edition of the maths newsletter we have Islamic art and design resources, a percentage lock game and a statistics activity on rollercoasters.

Maths resources

Star resource

Star resourceWorking with Formula collection
10 hand-picked resources on algebraic substitution and rearranging fomrula, from the TES Maths Panel.

Number and algebra

100-question quiz
The answers to these 100 trivia questions are all numbers and the activity could be used as a starting point for pupils to create their own numerical quiz.

Percentage lock game
An engaging way to revise percentages – your students must crack the code in order to open up the mystery box.

Shape and space

Islamic art and design
A set of geometric activities from the Victoria and Albert Museum that encourage students to investigate shapes, learn about different cultures and create attractive display work.

Real-life Pythagoras problems
A collection of in-context Pythagoras problems that range in difficulty, ideal to help students prepare for this topic at GCSE level.

Data and statistics

Data problems
Challenging questions on handling data that can be used to develop students’ problem-solving skills.

Use data on some of the world’s fastest rollercoasters to practise drawing and interpreting cumulative frequency diagrams and box plots.


Mechanics: Inclined plane model
Intended for the Mechanics 1 AS module, this GeoGebra file allows students to interactively investigate key concepts such as friction, motion and forces.

Snap card revision
A motivating revision activity designed for IB maths studies that could be adapted and extended for a wide range of topics.

TES revision

TES magazine and community

ROTW: Bingo template
Create your own bingo games for most topics and all abilities with the TES Maths resource of the week.

Bigger maths GCSE will represent a ‘quantum leap for teachers’
Exam board head says new maths GCSE will be a challenge, as details of his organisation’s version of the qualification are released.

New KS3 scheme of work?
Does the new curriculum mean starting from scratch, or can existing plans be tweaked?


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