TES Maths Newsletter 40

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceEngaging maths collection 
10 hand-picked engaging resources, suitable for all ages and abilities, from the TES Maths Panel.

Number and algebra

Thoughts and crosses: Percentages
An engaging learning activity on percentage increase and decrease that calls for higher order thinking skills.

Number mystery
To crack this mystery, your students will need knowledge of ratio, decimals, place value, rounding and prime numbers.

Shape and space

Area of shape topic mat
Consolidate understanding with this learning mat and accompanying worksheet.

San Gaku
This introduction to Japanese temple problems will challenge your most able students, calling upon knowledge and application of geometry and algebra.

Data and statistics

Dice golf
Cover many aspects of basic probability with this motivating game where pupils roll dice to make it round a golf course in the fewest number of shots.

Choropleth maps
Ideal for GCSE statistics, this intriguing use of real-life data can be linked with Gapminder to help form the basis of a student investigation.


100 maths investigation ideas
A set of rich investigations for able GCSE and post-16 students that cover all areas of mathematics and give an insight into the history of the subject.

Core 3, 4 and D1 revision quiz
Quizzes that test basic knowledge of the Core 3, 4 and Decision 1 A-level modules and can help students identify their weaker topics.

TES revision

TES magazine and community

ROTW: FIFA World Cup 2014
Practise averages, percentages and probability in a football context with the TES Maths resource of the week.

Sixth-forms and colleges to be judged by A-level maths participation
A new maths and physics measure will show the proportion of boys and girls studying the subjects at A level.

Approved calculators for exams
How do you check if a student’s advanced calculator is suitable for use in examinations?

Questions about GCSEs
A Scottish teacher asks about the similarities and differences between Standard Grade and GCSE courses.

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