TES Maths Newsletter 38

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceProbability topic special
10 hand-picked resources and ideas on probability from the TES Maths Panel.

Number and algebra

Much ado about zero
Help students to see the value of zero with this study and investigation into the number’s use and history.

Completing the square match-up
Students get to grips with one of the more difficult GCSE topics with these matching cards that link different forms of equations to graphs.

Shape and space

Rotation with animals
Ideal for display work, this is an engaging way to introduce rotation to younger or lower achieving students.

Pythagoras’ theorem¬†
With assessment opportunities, extension tasks and differentiated worksheets, this introduction to Pythagoras is both creative and well-planned.

Data and statistics

Life expectancy 
Explore scatter graphs in the context of life expectancy and birth rates with this lesson that has clear cross-curricular links.

Probabilities of events
A well-designed lesson, complete with card sort and kinaesthetic activity, to cover the key points in calculating probability.


Core 4 revision tests
A set of chapter summary tests, in multiple choice format, that can help students identify which areas they need to focus on.

Core 1 integration quiz
Divide the class into teams to practise the important aspects of integration using this differentiated 20-question quiz format.

TES revision

TES magazine and community

ROTW: Histogram cut-up
Help Year 11 students consolidate and extend their knowledge of histograms with the TES Maths resource of the week.

Genes come into the equation, study of maths anxiety finds
A fear of maths may be partly caused by genes and not just by pupils’ experiences in school, a new study has found.

Defining surds
Explore the difficulties of producing a student-friendly definition.

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