TES Maths Newsletter 28

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceFractions, decimals and percentages collection
10 hand-picked resources to help students understand these key concepts.

Number and Algebra

Algebraic magic squares
A well-prepared lesson that focuses on collecting like terms using magic squares.

Best Buy: percentage decrease
Explore percentages in a real-life context using these differentiated activities for a lesson on shop offers.

Shape and space

How many quadrilaterals?
A thinking skills activity about shape properties and areas.

Use transformations to change robots into completely different shapes.

Data and statistics

Scatter diagrams
Promote group work in this differentiated activity on scatter diagrams that encourages high level mathematical discussion.

Reading ability investigation
Students investigate extracts from books and perform statistical calculations in this estimation task on reading ages.

Post 16

Two special cubes
Introduce pupils to the concept of implicit differentiation with this interesting activity and accompanying teacher notes.

Modulus graphs picture challenges
Help students to practise identifying different modulus graphs using the visual tasks in this workbook.

TES Community

Interview lesson help
Lots of ideas for teaching a 40-minute interview lesson on an introduction to A-level maths.

3D shape calendars
Make folded shaped calendars for 2014.

Alarmed by maths graduates who can’t teach maths
What is your definition of a secondary school maths subject specialist teacher?

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From TES magazine this week

A day in the life of…Palma Lindsay
The classroom is a very different place from when this California kindergarten teacher started out, 35 years ago. But despite the digital revolution, she finds that some things never change…

Mr Morris and Mr Elliott by Andy Bell
The Erasure singer was painfully shy until two teachers encouraged him to unleash his inner show-off.

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