TES Maths Newsletter 22

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceResources to help teach factors, multiples and primes
Secondary maths teacher Claire Green offers a range of ways to teach this tricky topic.

Number and Algebra

Negative numbers self-marking worksheet
Email this Excel worksheet home to students, or use it in a computer room, and give them lots of practice with negative numbers.

Darts project number and geometry project
A great short project, probably best suited to Year 7 students, which covers numeracy and construction skills, alongside problem solving and creativity.

Shape and Space

Transformations worksheets galore
A complete set of rich, original activities on transformations.

Drawing in 2D and 3D
A beautifully put together PowerPoint covering concepts such as nets, plans and elevations and drawing on isometric paper.

Data and Statistics

Mean from frequency table card sort
This activity deepens understanding of calculating the mean from a frequency table, and should provoke fruitful discussions.

Histogram activity
A challenging activity to consolidate and extend students’ knowledge of histograms and frequency density.


Calculus movie, quiz, activity and further reading
Introduce your students to the joys of calculus. The collection informally discusses the underlying principles, exposing students to some key vocabulary in the process.

Statisitics statements
Get your teaching of the Statisitics 1 module off to a flying start by challenging your students to consider whether each of these statements are always, sometimes or never true.

TES topics

TES Community

Top 10 tips for new maths teachers
Secondary maths teacher, Mr Collins, offers his advice on how to get through your first year as a maths teacher.

Maths homework ideas
Handy crowd-sourced ideas to help you spice up your maths homework tasks.

Decorating the maths corridors
This teacher is looking for interesting ideas to decorate the corridor between two maths classrooms. What do you suggest?

IGCSE confusion
Maths teacher is asked to enter students for a variety of exams but is not sure if they are the ‘right’ exams.

First week activities
Teachers discuss the first tasks they’ve been getting students to do after the summer break.

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