TES Maths Newsletter 19

Check out the resources and links in the newsletter below. They all link to the very best TES Maths resources, which are completely free once you register on the website.

Star resource

Star resourceEnd-of-term lessons
Keep students busy until the summer break with this collection containing shape taboo games, a Blockbusters board and mini projects.

Number and Algebra

Maths fruit shop
Challenge students to run a profit-making fruit shop using their number, algebra and key processing skills.

Percentages game
If you’re up for a bit of controlled chaos in your classroom, try this game testing pupils’ mental arithmetic skills.

Shape and space

‘Four pictures, one word’ lesson
A starter activity for the interactive whiteboard promoting key literacy skills as pupils define different parts of a circle.

Mazes and labyrinths
Get students to create their own mazes and labyrinths in this engaging exercise that also helps develop construction skills.

Data and statistics

Mean from a fequency table
A worksheet using Amazon product reviews to test students’ ability to calculate the mean review score for different items.

GCSE higher – visual prompts
Display these graphs, tables and diagrams from exam papers and challenge students to come up with their own questions to be tackled by the rest of the class.


Introducing ‘e’ to your class
Show your Year 12 students the fundamental role of this number with these starter activities.

Arithmetic sequence Catchphrase
An adaptation of the classic game show to add a bit of fun to the topic of advanced sequences and series.

Topical teaching

TES Maths community

Three Act Maths
Check out this interesting approach to teaching maths, developed by the former high school maths teacher Dan Meyer.

Is the mini-whiteboard the ultimate teaching resource?
Maths teacher William Emeny explains how to use this tool effectively in lessons.

Maths resource of the week
Find out how this resource can support the introduction of a fun code-breaking project for the end of term.

Top tips on surviving your NQT year
Maths teacher, Tom Dean, shares the 10 things he wishes he knew before starting his NQT year.

A-level taster lesson
Do you run these at your school? If so, do you think they are worthwhile and which topics do you cover?

Getting the pace right
Do you have any tips for this teacher on how to manage the speed of explanations and demonstrations in observed lessons?

‘Mr Gove, where are all the formulas?
Maths teacher Owen Elton wants to know why Gove seems to want students to memorise mathematical forumulaes.

Higher or foundation tier at GCSE
TES forum members offer advice on how they decide which tier their pupils are assigned to.

Engaging lessons on fractions and perecentages
Can you suggest any interesting ideas to help teach this topic in an observed lesson?

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