TES Maths Newsletter 17

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TES Maths blog: five mathematical books everyone should read
Maths teacher Owen Elton picks out some of his favourite maths tomes.

Edexcel A-level papers
How did your pupils find the 13 May core and mechanics exams?

Alternative maths qualifications
Teachers suggest suitable options at level 2 for low-ability students.

Closing the attainment gap in secondary schools
Is simply ‘catching up’ after starting behind others a sensible/desirable goal?

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TES Maths podcast

Maths resources

Star resource

Star resourceGCSE revision collection
Updated for 2013, this collection contains 20 of the best resources around to make the build-up to exams as fun, varied, engaging and useful as possible.

Number and algebra

Fibonacci algebra
A lesson based on the Fibonacci sequence that helps students form and solve equations, as well as learning an impressive mathematical trick.

Trial and improvement murder mystery
Task pupils with identifying the perpetrator of the crime with this problem-solving activity.

Shape and space

Flight-planning worksheets
A lesson encompassing the key aspects of bearings, speed, distance and time.

Describe a shape
Students are given cards with a picture of a shape to describe without naming it, helping them develop key vocabulary and discover shape properties.

Data and statistics

Using bar charts for averages
Challenge students to read averages from bar charts and criticise diagrams with this lesson activity.

Challenge on averages
An Excel file for working out averages from sets of 3, 4 and 5 numbers. Ideal quick-fire consolidation material.


Differentiation Tarsia jigsaw
All the key aspects of differentiation bundled up in one jigsaw puzzle.

Central limit theorem demonstration
An interactive demonstration of why one of the most important theorems in statistics works. You can adjust the sample size to observe the effect on the distribution.

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