SUVAT Equations – TES Maths Resource of the Week 9 (2016/17)

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What is it?
I remember when the specifications for the new Maths GCSE were first announced, a lot of attention was placed upon the introduction of SUVAT equations. Teachers around the country – me included! – went into panic mode, thinking we had to brush up on our Mechanics 1 A Level knowledge. Fortunately, it seems that the topic will only be used test skills of substitution, and the formulae themselves will always be given in the question. Still, it does not hurt to help our students become more familiar with these equations and their usage, and that is where this lovely resources comes into play. It is a full lesson, complete with worked examples, quick fire questions, and a delightful differentiated set of questions to finish. Oh, and thankfully (for a Statistician like me!) all the answers are provided.

How can it be used?
This less pretty much runs itself. As I always say to any teacher using resources from TES, they need to be adapted and modified to suit your teaching style and the needs of your students, but you have all you need here for the basis of a really good lesson on substitution. Maybe get the mini whiteboards out for the quick fire assessments throughout the lesson, and possibly a bit of small group work for the differentiated challenge at the end, and you’ll have a whole bunch of Mechanics converts in no time at all!
Thanks so much for sharing

Craig Barton

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