Spelling! – Christmas Special Diagnostic Question of the Week

As a special Christmas treat, we take a temporary break from the wonderful world of mathematics to turn our attention to everyone’s second favourite subject… Spelling!

Feast your eyes upon the following fiendish question and ask yourself:

  • What is the correct answer?
  • Which do you reckon the most common incorrect answer is?

If you got the question correct, then I am no longer your friend. But if, like me, you didn’t, then fear not as you are in good company. At the time of writing, just 23% of people have got the question right.

What is the most popular incorrect answer, I hear you ask?… B, tempting in 72% of the respondents, including myself and my wife (who subsequently checked about 4 online dictionaries to try to fight her corner).

You can see updated data on the question by visiting the following page and clicking Advanced.

The quiz that this nasty little question came from is below. Can you be the current international average score of 40%?

At the time of writing there are 15 Just for Fun quizzes on the site, covering a whole host of incredibly important topics, such as Frozen, Best Selling Christmas Toys and completing Christmas Lyrics to songs. I hope you and your students enjoy them, Merry Christmas and a happy, safe New Year!

Below is a video showing you how to access the data discussed in this blog post:


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