#059 Slice of Advice: What did you learn this year?

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast, with me Craig Barton.

This episode of the podcast is kindly sponsored by White Rose Maths, who have just launched their brand new secondary maths Schemes of Work. You can find out more and download them for free at whiterosemaths.com. And if you have  you have a product, service, event or announcement, and you want to reach thousands of engaged, informed, connected, intelligent, delightful and simply brilliant listeners, then drop me an email ([email protected]) or a tweet to discuss sponsorship options.

Now this episode is a bit of an experiment. Usually I interview one or two people from the world of education per episode who interest and inspire me. But this time I am going for over 50. You see, this episode is called a Slice of Advice – many thanks to my wife for the title (I have to give her credit in case she sues me) – where I ask one question to lots of different people, and compile all their answers together in one delightfully wisdom-packed offering.

Given that I am recording this podcast at the end of another busy academic year over in sunny England, I thought a nice question would be “what you have learned this year?”. I gave each person between 1 and 5 minutes, and told them to interpret the question however they liked. And they did not disappoint. You will hear a wide range of views and reflections, from past and future guests, from teachers, heads of department, headteachers and academics. There are familiar voices and those not so familiar. There are mathematicians and non-mathematicians, primary and secondary colleagues, and a few surprises in there too.

Here is the full cast list in order of appearance:

***Note: I have every intention of time-stamping each of the contributions in the show-notes so this epic episode is easier to navigate, just in case – like me! – you wish to revisit certain sections. A summer job!

1 Amir Arezoo @WorkEdgeChaos 
2 Andrew Jeffrey @AJMagicMessage 
3 Andrew Percival @primarypercival 
4 Andrew Smith @oldandrewuk 
5 Andrew Taylor @AQAMaths 
6 Andy Lutwyche @andylutwyche 
7 Becky Allen @profbeckyallen 
8 Ben Gordon @mathsmrgordon 
9 Ben Rooney @benjrooney 
10 Ben Sparks @SparksMaths 
11 Chris McGrane @ChrisMcGrane84 
12 Christian Bokhove @cbokhove
13 Clare Sealy @ClareSealy 
14 Colin Foster @colinfoster77 
15 Damian Benney @Benneypenyrheol 
16 Dan Meyer @ddmeyer
17 Dan Pearcy @DanielPearcy 
18 Dan Rodriguez-Clark @InteractMaths 
19 Dani Quinn @danicquinn 
20 Danielle Moosajee @PixiMaths 
21 Danny Brown @danieltybrown
22 David Weston @informed_edu 
23 Dylan Wiliam @dylanwiliam
24 Emma McCrea @mccreaemma 
25 Harry Fletcher-Wood @HFletcherWood
26 Jamie Frost @DrFrostMaths 
27 Jemma Sherwood @jemmaths 
28 Jess Prior @FortyNineCubed 
29 Jo Morgan @mathsjem 
30 Jon Brunskill @jon_brunskill 
31 Jon Sellick @rightokayso 
32 Jonathan Hall @StudyMaths 
33 Katharine Bribalsingh @Miss_Snuffy 
34 Kris Boulton @Kris_Boulton 
35 Luke Pearce @lukepearce85 
36 Mark Greenaway @suffolkmaths 
37 Mark McCourt @EmathsUK 
38 Mark Quinn @marquinnnotts 
39 Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt 
40 Mel Muldowney @Just_Maths 
41 Naveen Rizvi @naveenfrizvi 
42 Ollie Lovell @ollie_lovell 
43 Paul Collins @mrcollinsmaths 
44 Paul Rowlandson @Mr_Rowlandson 
45 Peter Mattock @MrMattock 
46 Richard Tock @TickTockMaths 
47 Robin Macpherson @robin_macp 
48 Simon Cox @MathsMrCox 
49 Tom Button @mathstechnology 
50 Tom Francome @TFrancome 
51 Tom Sherrington @teacherhead 
52 Adam Boxer @adamboxer1 
53 Alex Quigley @HuntingEnglish 
54 Will Emeny @Maths_Master 
55 Mo Ladak @MathedUp 

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The questions from White Rose Maths that I mentioned in the introduction are here:1


Now, as I say, this episode represents something of an experiment. I would be fascinated to know if you like it, and if you would like to hear more Slice of Advice episodes with lots of different guests sharing their responses to specific questions next year.

My usual plugs:

Thanks so much for listening, and I really hope you enjoy the show!
Craig Barton

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