Sequences: New Secondary Maths Curriculum Collection 8

Each fortnight, I will put together a selection of resources designed to help cover the objectives of the new 2014 maths curriculum for secondary schools (Key Stage 3). These are all freely available from the TES website.

You can find the full collection here

I hope you find them useful

Pupils should be taught to:

generate terms of a sequence from either a term-to-term or a position-to-term rule 

Nth term and generating sequences

A complete PowerPoint-based lesson with activities on finding a term from the nth term.
Nth term, generating sequences worksheet

A collection of questions on generating sequences, working up to nth term.
Sequences and nth terms

A Tarsia puzzle on finding the first five terms of a range of linear and quadratic sequences from the nth term.


recognise arithmetic sequences and find the nth term 

Sequences lessons: Nth term linear

A selection of six PowerPoint presentations exploring sequences and finding the nth term.
Pattern sequences and finding the nth term

A visual introduction to sequences and finding the nth term using fences to separate animals (with animations and sounds).
Sequences challenge

A refreshable Excel spreadsheet that creates ten random arithmetic sequences with terms missing for students to fill in. As a bonus, comes with ten Fibonacci sequences, too.
Sequences nth term

A collection of resources on sequences.
Matchstick sequences

A worksheet that starts with students drawing the next pattern, and moving on to finding the nth term.
Blockbuster: Sequences and patterns

Blockbusters is a great activity to engage the whole class. This one uses several skills based around the nth term.


recognise geometric sequences and appreciate other sequences that arise


This resource on sequences includes slides on all that is needed for GCSE, plus a look at some other interesting and important sequences.
My rich aunt – Sequences and problem solving

A little investigation into how much birthday money you would receive under different sequences.
Nth term of quadratic sequences

An introduction to finding the nth term of a quadratic sequence.


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