#172 Research in Action 20: How teachers use (and don’t use) research with Paul Howard-Jones

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This episode of the Mr Barton Maths Podcast is kindly supported by AQA. You can find out more about their Questions Matter campaign here: aqa.org.uk/questions-matter

Episode details

Paul Howard-Jones joins me to discuss how and why teachers use (and don’t use) research to inform their teaching.

This is part of my Research in Action mini-series, where I interview a researcher from the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University about their chosen area of interest, and the implications for maths teaching and learning. You can check out all the previous conversations in the series here.


  1. Paul’s background. (4:15)
  2. Why research doesn’t play out as well in the classroom? (10:36)
  3. How do researchers and educators work together? (16:27)
  4. The shift towards evidence of impact in research. (22:30)
  5. Understanding the why and how of the research. (29:23)
  6. Implementation adaptation and sustainment. (36:26)
  7. How to break down barriers to research. (43:10)
  8. Advice for teachers who value research. (48:51)
  9. Fostering a culture of innovation in the classroom. (54:06)
  10. The research community’s take on practical classroom techniques. (59:30)
  11. What Paul is currently working on in the field. (1:05:53)

The Big 3

  1. CEML website
  2. Science of Learning
  3. Evolution of the Learning Brain

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