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What is it?
Okay, so we all know I tend to get more than a little carried away when someone produces something fancy on Excel, but I think you will forgive me for getting excited about this resource. Quite simply, it is amazing! You can generate as many questions as you like on 2D Pythagoras and Trigonometry, complete with answers at the click of a button. But if that wasn’t impressive enough, my favourite thing about this resource is that you can mix the questions up. So, it is not just a case of having all Pythagoras question, then all Sine questions, etc. You can generate a random selection so the students need to first select the appropriate tool to solve the problem which is half the battle. Amazing!

How can it be used?
First things first, make sure you click the button the “enable macros” or nothing will work. Once that is done, then you have a resource that could be used at any point during a lesson. Either at the start to establish baseline knowledge before moving onto something like 3D trigonometry, or half way through a lesson to check the progress students are making. My favourite is to use this randomly for revision. Right at the end of a lesson on cumulative frequency diagrams works particularly well, just to throw the students and see what they have really learned.
Thanks so much for sharing

Craig Barton

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