Maths Diagnostic Question Bundles 6: Transforming Functions, Circles, etc

We are edging ever closer to 3000 mathematics diagnostic questions and 6000 followers on the Maths Diagnostic (hinge) Questions website. I am so pleased the website is proving popular and seems to be going down well in your classroom ūüôā We have lots of exciting new features coming to the website in the next month, so stay tuned!

Anyway, I have managed to write a quite a few free maths diagnostic (hinge) multiple choice questions this week on a range of topics. I am choosing topics that I am currently teaching, but if you have a burning desire for a set of questions on a particular theme, and email me and I will see what I can do.

And please, check out the Question of the Week feature, where each week I choose a question and go into the pedagogy of it and share my experiences of using it in the classroom.

Transforming Functions using f(x)

Areas and Circumferences of Circles in terms of pi

Working out missing values in grouped frequency tables

nth term rules of sequences from patterns

Planes of Symmetry

Nets of shapes

Graphs of reciprocal trigonometry functions

Sketching quadratics from completing the square form

Quadratic inequalities


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