Last Minute Revision Resources – GCSE and A Level

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With examinations fast approaching, revision is now firmly on the brain. To help your students feel prepared for any question, I’ve pulled together this collection of classroom-ready resources, ideal for recapping key topics on the new GCSE and A-level specifications.

As always, a big thank you must go to the ever-talented Tes Maths community for contributing their imaginative and engaging ideas. With these activities, notes and worksheets, pupils are sure to feel secure in their mathematical ability as they turn over that exam paper for the first time.

GCSE revision resources

  1. Multiple-choice quizzes
    Designed for those taking the higher exam, this collection of multiple-choice quizzes covers 13 key skills and provides an engaging way for students to ensure that their knowledge is secure.
  2. Handy revision mats
    Take the stress out of revision with these mats, which are comprised of multi-mark questions covering a wide range skills, from solving linear equations to interpreting distance-time graphs.
  3. Topic-based revision clocks
    Revision clocks are back! Focusing on tricky four-mark questions and complete with a mark scheme, this very timely resource offers a unique format for revising six different topic areas.
  4. Maths revision race
    This revision tool, consisting of 15 foundation-level questions, encourages a bit of healthy competition and is particularly helpful in helping pupils to identify gaps in their knowledge.
  5. Beat the clock game
    Suitable for both foundation and higher classes, this simple activity is ideal for getting students to practise answering straightforward questions quickly and effectively within an allotted time.

For even more revision inspiration, look back at our dedicated GCSE revision collection, including both general and tier-specific lesson ideas.

A-level revision resources

  1. C1 revision notes
    Designed for the Edexcel specification but applicable to most boards, these hand-written, student-friendly revision notes provide a visually attractive way of recapping key learning points.
  2. Revision relay game
    Get learners flying through exam-style questions related to the C2 module with this highly engaging relay structure, which comes complete with detailed teacher instructions.
  3. More revision races
    Covering a number of different modules, these races offer ample opportunity for students to check their understanding of a range of topic areas in a competitive classroom environment.
  4. General assessments
    Realistic, exam-style practice is crucial and these comprehensive assessment sheets provide exactly that. They can be used in class or at home and are perfect for revision across the boards.
  5. Homework packs
    Jam-packed with exam questions, these workbooks are ideal for recapping specific topics outside of the classroom. There are even separate answer booklets to help make marking simple.

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