Just for Fun Quizzes for the last week of Christmas term

With the Christmas holidays almost here, and just one more week of school to get through, I thought it might be useful to write a few non-maths quizzes that you could set your students.

These could be used as stand-alones, or subtly fused together with maths specific quizzes to cunningly fool your students into doing actually some work during those final few lessons.

I have written quizzes on Christmas Trivia, Premiership footballers, Frozen, Christmas Lyrics, Best Selling Christmas toys, and more.

All the non-maths, Just for Fun quizzes are available here, and I have embedded a select few below to have a go at. The spelling one is particularly tricky. And not naming any names, a certain member of our English department teaching staff secured a rather worrying 20%. The current world average is 42%. Apparently she was rushing…

To fund out how to quickly import your students, assign the quizzes, get the data back, make comparisons, and more, just click here.

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